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Solid Wood plates are crafted out of best quality natural wood, which is treated and seasoned to ensure a long life. These plates are offered in Natural Pinewood Polish and Dark Mahogany Polish. Special Protective coatings and surface hardeners make the surface wear resistant. Wood lends a natural feel to the clean edges of engineering plastics and metals.

Modules are mounted such that the entire pressure of wires in the junction box is borne entirely by a sturdy bi-material frame. The bi-material frames are made of a combination of steel and engineering grade plastic. In this design, the steel structure is embedded into plastic. The steel inside gives the bi-material frame a rigid structure while the plastic provides the anti-rust and insulation properties.

Norisys Solid Wood Plates

    • engineered for toughness 
    • designed for tough performance 
    • made of combination of steel and engineering grade plastic 
    • unique snap fit mechanism 
    • controlled by the mechanism 
    • extremely durable with long life

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