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  • Fine blend of superior electrical engineering technology and elegant aesthetics.
  • Smooth, clean shapes which blend with any interior.
  • Live parts are insulated by housings made of ‘thermoset material’. This thermoset material.
    • Excellent electrical insulation properties
    • Does not melt on heating
    • Does not catch fire.
  • Exteriors made of high gloss virgin grade engineering thermoplastics.
  • Bi-material frames that have high quality steel embedded inside the thermoplastic. This gives the assembly extra stiffness and tight tolerances.
  • Defect free surface with a really smooth feel.
  • Modular construction with Modules, Frames and Plates
  • Modules firmly mounted on frames using a sturdy snap-on system - sturdy and reliable. Especially required in Indian conditions.
  • Cover plates can be mounted after final painting of walls.
  • A range of decorative plates to choose from.

Cube Series quartz gray switches & sockets

    • stylish design combined with top quality materials
    • solid glass plates are available in ice white and metal gray colors.
    • solid wood plates are offered in natural pinewood polish and dark mahagony polish. 
    • special protective coatings 
    • solid aluminum plates are machined out of a solid block of aluminum
    • solid aluminum plates are available in natural finish and black finish
    • solid marble finish plates offer sparkle white option and terra beige option
    • engineered for toughness 
    • designed for tough performance 
    • made of combination of steel and engineering grade plastic 
    • unique snap fit mechanism 
    • controlled by the mechanism 
    • extremely durable with long life

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